Wednesday, 13 November 2013

We're thankful!

Life has been ticking along lately. The half-term holiday is over, preschool and ballet are back on. All our friends are back from their hoiday breaks and we're busy with playdates again.

Sweet girl in 'model' mode. She has become such a teenager and I am getting so much attitude. If I suggest something, like a meal or activity, my sassy miss sticks out her chin and says 'I think....not!'. She makes me laugh so much although sometimes I wonder where on earth all this attitude comes from. I remember her being this precious doll of a newborn and now she's all raised eyebrows and wagging fingers. Lord help me in the teenage years!

Obviously, being British, we don't celebrate Thanksgiving but the internet is full of Thanksgiving celebrations. I really wanted to get the children thinking about gratitude and being grateful for what they have before we enter the Christmas season. Leila is already telling me what she wants for her birthday, although bless her, so far she just wants vanilla and chocolate cake. So, we made this 'thankful' tree the other day. I dried out a branch that had broken in our recent storm, spray painted it gold and then stuck it in a pot. Every day, we write out a few things we're thankful for on our paper leaves and hang them up. The first things Leila said she was thankful for were 'daddy, present and Mille from preschool', haha! Darling Harry was thankful for Jojo! 

Speaking of thankful, every week, my lovely mum comes over to babysit the kids while I go to 'work'. I am thankful for this! However, she got home today and discovered the house had been burgled while she was out. All my parents' valuables and jewellery have been taken and the house has been ransacked. I am so sad for her (and dad, of course). I am so angry with the people who entered and stole from the home that my parents have worked so hard for. However, in the spirit of the season, I am SO thankful that they didn't touch my grandma's old sweet cat and mostly that my mum was not at home during the break-in. 


  1. What a terrible thing to happen to your mother. I hope she is okay - it's the fact that someone has been in to your home and the intrusion and the fact that you no longer feel safe in the one place where you should feel safe. I have been burgled before and it does affect you. It fades with time thankfully. Look after her.

    1. Thanks Sue! She is coping so well, a good clean and some flowers are helping I think. Plus a new security system! So sorry it happened to you, so awful.

  2. I adore your idea of a thank you tree. I will give this a try. I'm not sure I'd get much sense from darling boy who's 3 but after a tough month myself it would be a nice way to re-access and realise how lucky I am, how thankful I should be and what a great trait to teach. Lovely post but I am so sorry to hear of your poor parents break in. Truly awful, blessings that no one was hurt*


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