Wednesday, 22 January 2014

life lately

Meet my newest accessory.  Lately, it is the one thing that keeps me functioning. We have registered Harry on the waiting list for junior football and Leila now has swimming and ballet classes in addition to extra preschool. Life is busy! Leila is loving her new swim classes. She has a male swim instructor and the other day she greeted him with the biggest smile and 'you're such a beautiful mermaid, Barry!' Ha! You don't know true embarr`assment until you're a parent!

Our heating was fixed today (hurrah!) so we stayed at mum's last night as the kitchen was out of bounds for two days. It has been so lovely returning home to a warm house today! When I was young I was obsessed by the Little Women and the Little House on the Prairie books and desperately wanted to become Amish so I could live like Laura or Jo. A few weeks without heating and hot water has shown me that I would be useless over the winter! 

I have been driving poor Sam crazy this week rearranging furniture. I decided that the bookshelf in the dining room would look much better in the living room and that we need a new set up in the dining room. We have a lovely wood-burner stove that we've never used and except for the rare occasions that we have guests for 'formal' meals, we never go into the dining room. I'd love to use it more by having a little space to snuggle with a book and glass of wine by the fire, or by the window in summer. Sam is so patient how he comes home from work to find books EVERYWHERE and helps me drag carry a heavy bookshelf into a different room!

While I'm in decorating mode, I'm also going to try something new in Leila's room. As a belated Christmas present, we've bought the Ikea Latt table for the babies. The plan is to keep it in Leila's room so that they have somewhere to sit and draw while I am getting ready in the morning or doing chores upstairs. When we have other families over for meals, it can also become the 'kid' table. It comes looking like this... 

and I am hoping to turn it into something resembling this...

Fun times ahead! Wish me luck!

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