Saturday, 28 June 2014

the calm life

Blogging has kind of slipped down the priority list at the moment. Harry had his induction for preschool this week (weeps) so I have been making the most of the precious mornings we have left to have some mummy-Harry coffee and cake dates. Leila is completing her first year of preschool and goes for a stay-and-play session at 'big girl' preschool next week. We have an end of year bake sale, our first sports day and a mini-holiday all coming up in the next few weeks. 

The summer has been glorious so far and suddenly, the babies are not babies, and going out is much easier than it used to be. We got a new car with a gigantic boot (hurrah!) and we've been loading up the bike and Albi most Sundays and setting off for walks in the sunshine. 

After a few busy years of new babies and new homes, it feels good to be settled into our home and life here. The house is (mostly) how we want it, we have incredibly good friends who live only seconds away and the babies are growing into adorable, kind and loving children.

Years at my wonderful, ambitious school taught me to strive for an exciting, dramatic life but every decision we make as a family leads us towards something different.  I like the routine of an early morning walk with Albi, I like that a date night with Sam involves a lemonade and watching the sunset from St Marys on the hill. I am surprised to find myself living the calm life but it suits me just fine. 

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